Bridging Knowledge Sessions

Bridging Knowledge Sessions

Organised by commercial organisations on the occasion of the FENS Forum, Bridging Knowledge Sessions are included as integral part of the official Forum programme. These sessions are meant to promote and discuss particular areas of relevance to the commercial organiser and with perceived general scientific interest to the neuroscience community.

While Bridging Knowledge Sessions may be focused on a particular therapeutic area or problem, these sessions are formatted with a focus on neuroscience research and the translation of scientific knowledge.

Bridging Knowledge Sessions may not compete or significantly overlap with symposia, workshops or lectures that are already included in the scientific programme at the Forum. Speakers of Plenary Lectures and Special Lectures cannot be speaking in a Bridging Knowledge Session during the same FENS Forum. The preliminary programme for the FENS Forum is available here.

A Bridging Knowledge Session should have a scientific programme but may include a social gathering at the end of the established programme.  Bridging Knowledge Sessions are subject to approval by the chairman of the FENS Programme Committee.

Proposals submitted via email to the FENS Forum office ( shall as a minimum include the following information:

  • Name of the organisation
  • Title of the Bridging Knowledge Session
  • Contact Person (organiser)
  • Preferred Date & Time (Sunday – Tuesday 8 – 10 July always after 18:45 and till 22:30 in the Congress Centre)
  • Short description of the purpose and topics of the Bridging Knowledge Session (max 150 words) to be published in the announcement
  • Full programme schedule with speakers, speaker affiliations, titles of presentations and timetable


Organisers of a Bridging Knowledge Session at the FENS Forum will pay an agreed fee to the FENS Forum in the form of an unrestricted educational grant. The fee will cover costs related to the featuring of the Bridging Knowledge Session/organiser in the Forum programme and room rental, including standard AV package and setup.


Optional items

The rooms allocated for the Bridging Knowledge Session in the Congress Centre include the following standard set-up: Tables, chairs, projector, screen and microphone.

Internet connection, additional AV equipment and/or catering services at the Congress Centre should be applied for and can be provided at an additional fee.

Catering packages will be available soon.



  • Bridging Knowledge Sessions should be proposed on behalf of the commercial organisation (not individuals)
  • Submitted proposal have to be approved by the chairman of the FENS Programme Committee
  • The topic of the Special Interest event should not compete with the scientific programme of the Forum and may not include speakers from Plenary and Special lectures
  •  Bridging Knowledge Sessions must be held as from 18:45 and till 22:30 at the latest

Proposals for Bridging Knowledge Sessions are ideally submitted before 31 October 2017.

Proposals submitted after 31 October 2017 and till the final acceptance deadline on 15 April 2018 cannot be included on the list of events available to delegates during their registration for the FENS Forum 2018. They will however still be featured on the Forum programme