Childcare Grants

Childcare Grants

Childcare grants at FENS Forum 2018

Families welcome! To support the FENS 2018 attendance of ambitious young scientists with children, the FENS-Kavli Network will provide a limited number of childcare grants

Successful applicants will receive 400 Euro which can be spent flexibly on extra childcare at home, travel of kids and carer to FENS or travel of a carer to your home for childcare during the FENS Forum 2018

All attendees (students, postdocs and PIs) with dependent children are eligible. Preference is given to junior scientists and presenters. 

Application closed on 20 March 2018.

Childcare companies: The list of recommended childcare companies in Berlin (they offer babysitting in hotel rooms) is available below. Though the webpages are solely in German, you can call or write them in English. For babysitting they offer English, German and other languages upon request. Kindly contact them not later than 31 May 2018.

When contacting the childcare providers:

  • Please mention "FENS Forum 2018" in your babysitter requests.
  • Should you like to get in contact with other parents attending the FENS Forum in order to share a babysitter to safe costs (one hour of babysitting costs about 20 Euro regardless of how many children are taken care of at once), please indicate this in your email to the child care provider.
  • Please indicate the hotel you are going to stay in. This will make it easier for the child care providers to combine - if interested - babysitting for kids staying in the same hotel. 

KIDS Betreuung
Tel: +49 162 400 23 65
Tel: +49 30 83 22 06 96
Biene Maya
Tel: +49 30 344 39 73 


FENS-Kavli Scholars wishes to thank the following contributors for making the Childcare Grants initiative possible:

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